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Commitment. perfection
Being ISO certified and having the need of continuous improvement, SOPAP has the commitment to supply solid solutions for its own management along with offering services to its clientele.
SOPAP strengthened its management by using integrated industrial management tools,which process all the operations of the organisation.

This technology combined with multiple tools, such asERP, bar coding, and the experienceof the company, allowed us to acquire a total control of our qualitythrough internal and external inspection and traceability, in order to respond to industry's requirements.

Today SOPAP is in the developing stage of turntables with:MAINTENANCE FREE and10 YEARS WARRANTY.
SOPAP is strictly commitment to follow the procedures of ISO 9001 version 2000, in order to undertake conformity controls throughout the elaboration of its products, by using the adequate techniques:
Our internally produced components are controlled manually.
In the case of more complex components, CAM guaranties conformities by controlling the measurement linked to the final manufacturing process.
Concerning our suppliers, a procedure of inspection is imposed, if such procedure is not doable internally.
Before deliveries, our company imposes a real dynamic test, from the simplest application to the most complex through « test stand »
Manual Inspection (Measure of a shaft with a micrometer)
The quality of production has been optimised by the implementation of procedures of traceability. .

The use ofbar-codinggives a total monitoring of our activities, from the reception of raw materials to phase of SOPAP products’ assembly.SOPAP(gammes de production).

A bar code is created for each component, including all the different stages of manufacturing up to assembly, as well as the characteristics (type of material, supplier…).

This code identifies all the information concerning the final client and its order (ordered unit, delivery date…). Our bar-coding applies to products as well as employees involved in each stage of elaboration.

example bar-coding
SOPAP imposes a second source of traceability: use of visual signs or marking codes respective to each supplier.
example visual signs
Today the technology: Computer Assisted Manufacturing,offers security and time saving in the manufacturing processes and inspection of produced components.